How to Get Started

 Get Started!

The most common questions are:

When are classes ?

We hold classes Monday through Saturday. Being parents ourselves we appreciate the challenges and conflicts that often arise in hectic schedules. You can decide on a daily basis what class to attend. We recommend about two times a week.

When can they start?

Our programs are open enrollment and a student can begin whenever is most convenient for you.

How young do you start?

Our students range in age from as young as 3 to adults. For our younger students we utilize a development matrix to assess where your child fits along the spectrum's of physical, emotional and psychological development. This help us integrate them into the most appropriate class.  However, most classes are broken up by age and skill level.

Has your child expressed an interest in martila arts or karate? Perhaps you're exploring it for the hallmark attributes associated with martial arts training such as, focus, self-discipline, self-control, and confidence?  Our program offers that and so much more.

Perhaps you don't know much about the myriad styles, systems, and what to expect or how to get started.

Let us help.

Having taught hundreds of children over many years, we've heard some very humorous and interesting ideas of what a martial arts class would be like and what may be expected of them. We’ve developed a simple introductory program of three lessons which includes a uniform.  The first lesson, is one to one with you in the room. Simply put, the best way to find out if they'll like it, give it a try!

We don’t encourage just dropping in to watch a class. Generally speaking, children won't understand what they're seeing. Additionally a room full of parents and children can feel a little intimidating, and we know you want their first experience to be the best one possible.

During the private lesson, we'll teach your child how easy and fun learning karate can be.  They'll know what to expect when they walk on the training floor for the first time.

In the lesson, we'll cover class times, program prices, events that we hold and address any other questions or concerns you both may have. Basically, everything you need to make the best decision.

When your future martial arts expert returns to class, they will have a significant degree of confidence rather than feeling too nervous. Having been prepared, we've found they'll enjoy their two group classes far more

 Get Started!