Street IQ

Our self-protection and safety awareness training prepares students to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Our instructors draw from their law enforcement and military experience. Our program focuses on high speed problem solving, dealing with adversity and reaching goals. By training to disarm dangerous or exigent situations we stimulate a part of our brain we rarely use. This sharpens our thought processes and enables us to think clearly during a crisis. This is accomplished by honing our personal, situational and environmental awareness as well as our physical abilities.

Corporate & Schools:

  • Awareness for overseas travel
  • Workplace violence
  • Managing Aggressive Behavior
  • Active shooter
  • Security Personnel Training Certification

Parent Awareness:

  • Substance use / abuse recognition
  • Paraphernalia Identification
  • Texting lingo
  • Covert searches of rooms, vehicles, computers and cell phones.

Law Enforcement & Security:

  • Flash mob management
  • Offensive / Defensive Tactics Certification
  • Tactical Apprehension System
  • Edged Weapons
  • Cuffing Certification


  • Commercial and Residential Security Site Assessments
  • Secure transportation of high value assets
  • Bouncer Certification Training