The Team

Colin Ryan

Colin Ryan started his professional career as a public servant. He has worked in various police departments in different roles including public patrol, investigations, and addictions counseling. His favorite role by far; however, has been that of instructor. Having served as a police officer for over 20 years, he decided take some of that knowledge and build a program to train civilians. His programs include the curriculum at Blue Line Academy and Street IQ.  

Colin’s programs have been used to teach hundreds of people how to better protect themselves in an environment that is constantly changing. Recently he’s spoken to the Valley Forge Military Academy, several local Boy and Girl Scout Troops, Henderson High’s “Girls Empowerment” program, and the Masonic Lodge in Ardmore. He continues to deliver on the promise of public service by creating a school where the local community acquire the knowledge they need to protect themselves and their loved ones.

James B. Dunlap

James Dunlap (Mr. D) has practiced martial arts for over 30 years. Family connections in law enforcement and the military started James training at a young age. Having studied various styles of martial arts, including Northern Praying Mantis, Yang Tai Chi, Escrima, American Kenpo, Sayoc Kali and Ryukyu Kempo; James turned his talents first to protecting people. He worked as a mental health assistant, bouncer, and bodyguard, honing his skills in real world application.

His desire to protect and help others led him to teaching, where he has enjoyed training hundreds of students over the years. In recent years, he has developed a martial arts system focusing on teaching children the techniques required to respond to violent and abusive situations. This program, while based in the similarities of all martial arts, is focused on the character development of the student and is designed to help with the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of conflict.